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                PRODUCT CENTER




                Design features/設計功能

                § 4 different sizes with max. dynamic axial loads from 

                ALS 10: 12.5 kN 

                ALS 25: 25 kN 

                ALS 50: 50 kN 

                ALS 100: 100 kN

                § Self-locking trapezoidal screw

                § Attachment options for any flange connection capable gear  motor in solid or hollow shaft design

                § Long-term lubrication by high-quality grease and  encapsulated design

                § Special screw diameter and pitches possible

                § Comprehensive accessories range 

                § Possible usage according to directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

                ALS/R Selection table

                ALS/R Performance data tables ALS 10/25

                ALS/R Performance data tables ALS 50/100

                ALS/R Technical drawings

                ALS/R Dimensions

                ALS/R Dimensions

                ALS/R Dimensions

                ALS/R Diagrams

                Critical screw speed ALS/R

                ALS/R Order code